Create Mobile Optimized Web Pages In Minutes

Easily design your own web pages for free and share them in your bulk SMS campaigns

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A mobile web page or mobile website is specifically designed for mobile phones. Mobile websites render their pages in narrow columns and often provide only a subset of the regular website. Mobile web pages can be sent via SMS as a link and do not have character limitations like text messages do, meaning you can send longer, more detailed messages at no extra cost.

Any business of any size can now send much more informative, vibrant and colourful communications direct to people's handsets, for the cost of a text message.

We offer a FREE mobile webpage tool which is built into your Messenger account. Create a mobile web presence in minutes with images, tables and fonts and attach for free to your SMS text campaigns and SMS auto responders and track who clicks through with comprehensive reports. Our free creator tool is so easy to use, so you do not have to be a technical expert to generate colourful, vibrant web pages.

The mobile web provides all of the benefits of an html email:

  • Visual and content rich
  • Full tracking and reporting from end to end

Plus, the Mobile Web still reaps all the benefits of opt-in SMS texting:

  • Mobile pages are sent as text messages and do not get filtered into spam folders like an email campaign could
  • SMS messages are usually read within 5 seconds
  • Average SMS open rates are about 98% compared to 10% for emails
  • Average response rates are about 28%
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Key Features

FREE mobile web page design

Design your own free mobile web page in minutes. You can include copy with different sizes, font, style and colour; add tables and even upload and include photos all within a very easy to use and intuitive interface.

Personalize your web pages

Include a customer's custom field parameters (e.g., age or location) in the mobile web page for that personalized touch and watch your conversions improve!

Schedule sends

Schedule a specific time and date to send your text messages with a mobile web page link to create maximum awareness.

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FREE reporting

RezMatic provides detailed click activity reports for mobile web pages in your SMS campaigns, allowing you to measure campaign effectiveness and gain valuable customer insights. See how many recipients opened your mobile pages in real-time and get granular data about these recipients, including their mobile number, device characteristics and the time they accessed the link. 

Network compatibility

A mobile web page or mobile website is usually small in size meaning it is quicker to load and less expensive to download.

Handset optimisation

All our mobile web pages and mobile websites are optimised specifically for the phone they are viewed on.

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Mobile Website Creation

We offer an enhanced mobile website builder to increase the conversions of your bulk sms campaigns. If you are viewing webpages through mobile devices it can be difficult for the user if the page is not responsive to the device or screen size in use. When you use our mobile website creation tool you are able to build great web pages designed specifically for mobile viewing.

Mobile web pages can be sent via bulk SMS campaigns as a link and do not have character limitations like potential restrictions of traditional text messages, meaning you can send longer, more detailed messages at no extra cost.

From delivering your messages to the customer journey back to your website, we strive to cover every aspect of your campaigns and ensure maximum results at every engagement level. If you would like to start using the free mobile web page creation tool you can sign up for free today!

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