Email To SMS Gateway

Send emails including PDF attachments to and get them delivered as SMS

Send SMS directly from your native email application


Use RezMatic Email to SMS gateway to easily receive all your emails instantly to your mobiles as SMS messages. So you don’t have to worry about missing an email due to internet connectivity issues, spam filters or any other reason. Ensure you stay on top of critical email alerts and notifications with RezMatic Email to SMS.

Simply send emails to and all the emails sent to this address will be delivered as SMS. It’s as simple as that! You can send from any email platform such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo etc. You can even send from your application, website, CRM and external plugins – as long as it can send an email, it can also send an SMS.


Never miss important email alerts that need immediate attention

Hardware monitoring alerts

Stay on top of critical hardware failure or overload alerts by forwarding them instantly to your mobiles via SMS

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Business-critical emails

Get an SMS alert every time you receive an important business email that needs special attention

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Staff/team alerts

Send emergency text alerts about an urgent meeting or reminders to important tasks to an entire team with just one email

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How to Send Email to SMS Messages

You must enable Email to SMS in your RezMatic account before getting started. To enable this, login to your account, click on Settings, then Email2SMS, and check the ‘Activate Email 2 SMS’ checkbox.

Note: Default Email to SMS configuration is intended for limited usage (up to 100 SMS/day). For higher volumes, we recommend you upgrade to a dedicated route with your own custom domain i.e., start sending emails to instead of Contact sales to setup a dedicated Email2SMS route.

1. Add message recipients

Add-message recipients.png

Add one or more recipients by including their numbers in the 'To' field:,, ...


To send bulk SMS to groups, select a contact group by including its ID in the 'To' field:


2. Compose messages


Mark the SMS start position by adding #%# before your message. The leading text is ignored and excluded from the SMS text.

Mark the SMS stop position by adding ## at the end of your message. The trailing signatures and default company footers in your email are ignored and excluded from the SMS text.


3. Include optional parameters

Include-optional parameters.png

The multi-purpose 'subject' field brings you the full features of Messenger directly into your mail client. Compose your subject line to include optional parameters or just leave it blank to use the default account settings.


4. Include an optional PDF attachment


You can also attach a PDF file in your email and get it delivered via SMS as a short link. Just attach a file to your email and specify its position in your message content with a parameter #attachment#. We'll automatically upload and convert it into a trackable shortlink and include it in the SMS.

Note: If you plan to send more than 100 emails/day, please contact us.

Schedule messages

Schedule your messages to go out at a certain date and time by including 'sched=YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS' in the subject line.

Send to a group

Send to one or more groups by including 'group=GroupID1, GroupID2, GroupID3' in the subject line. Group ID for any group can be retrieved from the corresponding group page under 'Contacts' in your Messenger account.

Custom Sender Names

Include 'sender=SenderID' in subject line to have your texts arrive on the recipients phone from your name or company name. Please ensure you select a valid sender name from your list of approved Sender IDs.

Password security

Include 'password=xxx' in your subject line for additional authentication. You can set password authentication for Email to SMS via your 'Messenger>Email to SMS' settings.


5. Manage your settings with the Email to SMS control panel


Add email IDs

Allow additional users to share your Email to SMS account to send messages complete with their own sender name

Set message length

Prevent misuse by restricting the length of messages to upto 4 text messages

Subject line handling

Set how you would like RezMatic to treat your subject line. You may even choose to compose your SMS within just the subject line!

Delivery summary

Get the message delivery status summary delivered directly to your email inbox!

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Excellent Response, Great Service

It has been a delight working with RezMatic. They literally took us by our hand to help us set up the account. RezMatic team is not only available to assist, they take initiative and call regularly to see if we are facing any issues. This kind of proactive approach is truly heartwarming. Needless to say they are very prompt in getting in touch and resolving any issue. No matter how many times they are approached, the team is always courteous and respectful. Great job guys. Its a pleasure to be associated with you. CEO Great Market Aggregator Pvt. Ltd.