Customer Engagement Solution for Event Managers

Be an always-on event manager who stays ahead of customer expectations with India's #1 business platform

Change the way you manage an event! You can cut down on intermediaries by reaching out to customers directly whether it is to promote an event, collect RSVPs, send tickets, or even to gauge feedback. Leverage RezMatic's media-rich customer engagement promotions, trackable campaigns, SMS tickets, mobile-optimized surveys and more.


The RezMatic customer engagement service and how it can benefit you

Problem Tag: Icon not found Let your event be an SMS away

Use RezMatic customer engagement platform to promote your events and share event brochures, webpage links or even booth layouts with your opt-in database. Insert PDFs, images or weblinks as required.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Send timely event alerts

Say bye to disgruntled customers. Integrate RezMatic APIs with your CRM and send instant SMS updates regarding your events, ticket purchases, and last minute promotions. With RezMatic’s best-in-class delivery rates and low latencies, your customers are assured of receiving updates in time.

Problem Tag: Icon not found The quick RSVP route

Create mobile registration forms using RezMatic and make it easy for customers to log details. Alternatively, you can request users to RSVP by sending a simple text to your inbox or by
giving a missed call.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Send exciting promotional campaigns

Stir interest for your event by sending media-rich personalized campaigns using RezMatic’s easy and powerful UI. With RezMatic’s automatic scrubbing of DND numbers for promotional campaigns, opt-in and opt-out paths, you can be assured of regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Single screen mobile tickets

Say no to paper, long queues and expensive ticketing software. Use RezMatic to send mobile tickets to participants, which can also be scanned at the venue to track the list of attendees. Save paper, save time.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Manage events seamlessly

Manage your events seamlessly by issuing RezMatic mobile vouchers for a wide range of uses at the venue from entry passes to workshop invites and food coupons.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Instant customer feedback

Ask participants to rate speakers, workshops and events via RezMatic surveys. Get an immediate response while the event is still fresh in the minds by sending a survey as soon as the event ends.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Two-way channel to your customer

Allow your participants to reach you whether it is to express interest, or find out about availability of events, rooms, travel options and more via SMS. Set auto responses and appear always-on.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Be the perfect planner

Send personalized invites for weddings along with images, RSVP links, reminders and venue details. You can even seek dietary preferences using a RezMatic platform with a keyword sent as text to a short code. 

Problem Tag: Icon not found Map interest for events

Measure the interest for shows by asking audiences to send an SMS to your inbox. Grab their attention by promoting your inbox keywords, short codes, long codes or missed call numbers on multiple channels.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Bespoke and Enterprise grade Solution

RezMatic helps you create multi-user accounts, restrict privileges based on user roles and monitor users’ activity with detailed audit trails. If your event demands going beyond our standard features, just tell us and we will customize it to your requirement. From custom data management to bespoke reports, we take care of it all.

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