Create and Send Mobile Surveys & Forms in Minutes

Get maximum responses by sending surveys & forms as clickable links in your SMS campaigns

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Why should you send your surveys & forms with RezMatic?

With almost 98% of SMS messages being opened and read within 5 seconds, SMS has 5x response rates than email, so why not send your surveys & forms via SMS? RezMatic makes it really easy to create multi-page surveys and questionnaires, and send them as clickable links in a text message.

RezMatic surveys are mobile-optimized, feature industry-standard options and can even be fully personalized for every recipient (using merge fields and skip logic)! Combined with the high-engagement SMS medium, our SMS surveys work as great low-cost alternatives to other popular survey tools and forms.

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How can your business use RezMatic Forms and Surveys?

RezMatic mobile surveys are perfect for businesses of all sectors and sizes. Here are a few ways in which RezMatic customers use our surveys:

  • Surveys: Customer feedback surveys, opinion polls, market research, employee satisfaction surveys, marketing surveys, healthcare surveys, event planning surveys, student & parent surveys & many more scenarios
  • Data collection forms and applications: Loan applications, insurance claim forms, contracts, job applications
  • Appointments: Doctors/clinics, salons, training classes
  • Registrations: Newsletter sign ups, school/college registrations, event registrations, yoga/gym enrollments, brochure downloads
  • Competitions: Quizzes and questionnaires for school/college exams, job applications, competitions, hackathons and more.

Key Features of RezMatic Surveys


Powerful tools to design professional surveys in minutes

Choose from a bunch of different items to quickly create the perfect survey or a form:

  • Page titles
  • Images
  • Text areas
  • Dropdowns
  • Radio buttons
  • Check boxes
  • Multiple choice options
  • Star ratings
  • Date/time picker

You can create as many surveys and forms as you wish, free of charge. You will only be charged for the surveys you send (see pricing options below).

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Optimized for mobile

All surveys and forms you create are designed exclusively for the screen of a mobile phone, making it user friendly and quicker for the end user to open it in their mobile browsers.

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Personalize with merge fields

Insert custom fields to merge data such as first names, surnames and orders to your surveys and forms, giving them a personal feel.

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Schedule your surveys

The survey link is embedded into an SMS text so like with all SMS campaigns you send, you can schedule a time and date for this to be sent. You can also set a start date and end date from within the survey settings.

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Receive unlimited replies, free of cost

There is no cost to receive replies to forms and surveys. Depending on the payment option you choose, responses will be collected and stored for three months or until your contract end date.

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Brand your mobile survey

Insert images and logos to match your businesses look and feel. For an even more professional look, we can create a bespoke survey for you. Contact sales for a quote.

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Advanced real-time reporting

All responses are automatically stored in your RezMatic account for real time viewing, complete with easy-to-access stats and graphs displaying your results. You can export the response data to Microsoft Excel for in-depth analysis.

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Survey Logic to ask tailored questions based on previous answers

RezMatic’s Survey Logic enables users to create surveys and data capture forms that present specific questions or pages to respondents, based on their previous answers. With Survey Logic, you can improve usability and response rates with a tailored and relevant customer experience, all driven from a single survey or form.

Interested in Survey Logic? Contact sales to activate this feature on your account.

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Not sure how to get started with RezMatic Surveys? Download our how-to guide

This short guide demonstrates how you can create your own mobile optimized surveys and forms from start to finish. Discover how your business can use mobile forms to collect information from customers and staff and how to create your own in minutes.

Pay-as-you-go Pricing

With this option you pay for every survey you send out. All completed surveys are collected, free of charge for up to 3 months after the send date. The costs below include the cost of sending the text message.

Subscription Pricing

With a subscription you can send as many surveys as you like at the same cost of an SMS. All survey results are stored separately. Responses are collected and archived in Messenger for as long as your contract is live.  For more information, please contact

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Best Delivery and Support

I have been connected with RezMatic from past few months and also found that there are lot of companies out selling SMS , But RezMatic stands out of the crowd with its one of a kind SMS delivery network, easy integration with application and best customer support. Would definitely recommend RezMatic.