Build Opt-­in Customer List With myDND Manager

Bypass the DND registry and reach out to all your opt-­in customers. It’s free!

Send uninterrupted messages to opt-in customers even if they are registered in DND

Why let DND filters come between you and your customers? Allow your customers to opt-in and receive all your messages

RezMatic myDND Manager builds and updates your opt-in customer list based on explicit customer requests. Customers can subscribe or unsubscribe anytime by just sending a simple SMS to your inbox. Whether you are a restaurant sending promotional offers or a stock broker sending stock alerts, myDND manager helps you reach out to the right audience, overcome DND restrictions and maximize your delivery rates.

Opt-in list

An opt-in list or a subscription list is a database of customers interested in hearing directly from you. By explicitly opting in to your messages, these customers will receive all your messages – promotional and transactional – irrespective of their DND preference. myDND manager updates the subscription list for you based on inbound START/STOP requests from your customers.

Compliant with TRAI's regulations

Our built-in subscription tracker helps keep your opt-in list compliant with regulations. Your opted-in customers get timely reminders prompting them to renew their opt-in preference. They are automatically removed from the opt-in list if they fail to renew their subscription within 180 days from their last consent.

Join 1,000+ businesses who use our myDND Manager everyday…

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Easily build, maintain and manage your opt-in customer list!

  • RezMatic myDND manager is completely FREE to setup and use
    • Activate myDND manager upon signup
    • Choose a personalized keyword on our long code 92932 92932
    • Allow customers to subscribe or unsubscribe by sending a simple text message e.g. SMS “KEYWORD START/STOP” to 92932 92932
    • Contact us if you are looking to setup the service on your own dedicated number
    • Our built-in subscription tracker helps keep your opt-in list compliant with regulations
  • Organize opt-in list into meaningful groups
    • Split the opt-in list into multiple groups based on customer data
    • Merge with current contact groups to populate custom fields and remove duplicates
    • Dynamically add opt-in customers to contact groups based on custom field data
    • Directly remove any customer from the opt-in list
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Manage groups

Export your opt-in list into groups based on number of contacts or custom field data such as age or gender

Opt with QR codes

Allow customers to easily opt-in by just scanning your myDND manager QR code and hitting the send button!

Integrate myDND preferences

Integrate myDND with your CRM software and stay on top of your customers’ preferences

Get notified

Forward every new subscription to your email, mobile number or even to your entire team

Auto reminders

myDND manager sends timely automated reminders to opted in users to periodically resubscribe

Select sender name

Choose a name which shows up as the sender ID for all texts sent to opted-in customers, e.g. TXTLCL


3 great ways to setup myDND Manager

Maximize your reach with opt-in messaging. Get started now!

Free service on our shared long code

Activate your free myDND manager service on our shared long code by choosing a keyword available with us. You only pay for the messages sent out. Sign up for your free messenger account now!

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On a premium short code

Short numbers are easy to remember and offer a great way for your customers to easily opt-in. Messaging to a short code incurs a small fee (around Rs. 2-Rs. 3) for your customers. Contact us to get started with your own premium short code!

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On a dedicated long code

Long numbers offer a cost effective way to opt-in for your customers without incurring the small fee that’s associated with short codes. Contact us to get started with your dedicated long code!

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Excellent experience with RezMatic's E-mail to SMS Gateway Service

Our experience with RezMatic's E-mail to SMS Gateway service has been very positive - all the way from evaluating the service (received very nice technical sales support to address our key requirements) to adoption (very simple & quick processes + very responsive team that helped us get started quickly) & usage- the service itself has been very reliable so far!!